Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Rickshaw Ride?"

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the birth of Maria Wright and to celebrate the occasion a group of us went out in London. The original intention had been to go to The Metro Club on Oxford Street but it was thought that this venue of hilarity would not be open. It was then decided yesterday morning that we would visit the garden rooms in Covent Garden but we eventually found ourselves walking towards Metro anyway. The kind bouncers greeted us and informed us that the club wasn't opening till 11. So after walking from Charing Cross in the cold (and i had been standing outside for about an hour waiting for the group) Carrie took us to The White Horse in Soho (also known as the cheapest pub in London.) It was really an excuse for her to show us the theatre where she works (and tell us the story about Andie McDowell giving some guy a hand job the other day during a performance!) I have to agree that the pub is certainly the cheapest I've been in since being back home, it's almost like 'Boro prices! After a nice glass of (apple) cider, we trudged back to the Metro, all the while being offered rickshaw rides and Sean and Jesus (Andy) singing "Final Countdown" as there was not much time left till it was officially Christmas Eve and no longer Maria's Birthday. After convincing the bouncers that yes, I was of legal age to consume alcohol (and have been for some time now) it was time to have fun. And I have to say a return trip to the Metro is required at some point. Not only do they sell Morgan's Spiced Rum (another great 'Spoon's drink) but they play alternative and Indie music as well as the occasional heavy rock anthem. I even stayed long enough to hear The Futureheads "Hounds of Love", my song of the moment and a remix of Razorlight's "Vice" which went down well with those of us that actually knew the words let alone who it was by (Maria! I really must educate you!) Jesus' dancing was hilarious and the highlight of the night for me. While Maria attempted to take a photo of Carrie, Keira and myself, a strange and rather drunk man decided to pose with us and put his arm around keira who promptly started to squeeze my arm and give me a look of desperation. After the photo was taken however he then came over to me and started repeatedly kissing me on both cheeks, stopping to take a swig of his larger and then started again. Eventually he decided that he needed some more alcohol and disappeared into the crowd, where upon I collapsed into the arms of Maria and Keira going "oh my god I need to wash my face!". Cue much laughing from the guys with us and shouts of "That's the most action any of us will be getting tonight". 1 am came and like Cinderella I disappeared into the night, running along Oxford street to centre point tower where parental unit XY was waiting to whisk me home as the trains at that time can't be trusted. Upon returning home I collapsed into bed only to be woken at 6 by Shaun phoning me to tell me that he had only just left the club he was at and was going to get bagels. Gay men make me laugh sometimes...

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