Monday, September 26, 2005

It's started already...

I'm not even anywhere near Stockton yet, and already i'm being bled dry for money. So what if i'm supposed to join the JCR (Junior Common Room) what's so special about it that i have to pay £35 for? And this stupid Matriculation thing: why do i need a robe for it? Surely that's just for graduation, like any normal university. But being Durham, they can't be normal. Anyway i've just sent them a cheque for well over £150 for stuff that i'm not even really going to benefit from. AND i've just found out that they are automatically charging me £50 just for the right and priveledge to take part in sport for the college. Me? Joining a sports team? You must be joking! Ok ok i know i'll probably be telling you in a few weeks that i've joined the rugby team, swimming team, badminton team, rowing team but still, i object to having to pay for stuff that i'm not going to use.

On a high note, went book hunting with Elyse today and managed to find 4 out of the millions that i still need. At least we had the chance for a nice coffee and chat as usual. Now i'm off to hunt for Stereophonics tickets.

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