Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Free Ipod? I don't think so

Following this article I found while trawling the interweb, I started to consider the fact that I personally do not have an Ipod or any other mobile mp3 device. Why is this you may ask in horror?

  • I have a minidisc player.
  • Said player is also able to record from any cd player.
  • I can carry my player on my person at all times.
  • I can fit 8 albums on 1 disc.
  • It has a radio.
  • It's fun to pick up a random disc and have to listen to that all day.

And I mean, come on people, why do you need to carry around 15,000 tracks with you all the time? When are you going to listen to them all? So next time I'm offered a free ipod, I shall be declining the offer, I prefer to see my music and actually pay for it without cutting the artist's profits.

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