Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Brownies and the network

I am currently sitting here eating choclate brownies and listening to Queen for some reason. Waiting for the room inspection people to come round and trying to avoid doing work. All of a sudden Perl has become quite interesting to me. This may be due to Dan's somewhat obsession with it and the prospect of the CompSoc social tonight where he will no doubt bring it up again! However they will not have the pleasure of my company tonight as I am going to the John Snow JCR General Meeting with Kat and Clare. Who are going to try and get me to stand for Junior DSU Rep on the Exec. Which wouldn't be so bad i suppose...

On a different note, it seems that the durham network doesn't like msn in addition to firefox. For everyone here it keeps logging in and out automatically which can be more than a little frustrating when you are trying to have a conversation of an important matter with someone.

My stomach hurts from coughing too much as well. I say coughing, it's more like trying to turn myself inside out by launching my stomach through my mouth.

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