Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not dead (quite) yet

Well today i feel a bit better than I did, although I have overdosed on paracetamol probably so if you don't hear from em for a few days then you know that i'm lying in a coma in the bathroom and Kat hasn't been able to find me in the cavenous space.

Just had a lazy day, went to Morry's in the evening to get enough food to last till christmas. It actually felt properly like winter today. And i'm startign to get into the Christams spirit, i mean we had mince pies about 2 weeks ago, but now there is talk of snow which may not always be a good thing.

Talking of snow, my xy parental unit is going to a castle near Aberdeen on Thursday and there is a good chance that he'll get snowed in. If so he might not be back int time to pick me up. Which means that i will have to try and bring all my valuables home on the train. So thats a laptop, tv, stereo, safe and numerous important documents including my books that i need for vacation work. Great fun i think not. Or i could just pay the extra £10.65 a night and stay here all christmas? Decisions, decisions.

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