Thursday, November 10, 2005

"And this one is from Pensylvania..."

Meeting Dr Bill Bryson was probably one of the most exciting experiences that i've had. It was great fun and i enjoyed it immensely. He is just as witty in real life as he is in his books. There was a short powerpoint presentation that started off with pictures of slides (you had to be there), then he talked a bit about how he got into journalism and ended with a reading from "An African Diary". Then the floor was opened up for questions. One of the best came from Ben: "Yu said that Bradford only exists to make the rest of the world look better. Now you've been to Stockton, has your opinion changed?" He also talked a bit about his new book, which is about childhood, specifically his but related to everybody's as well. I was in such awe of the man, i almost killed myself when they said he would sign books. Sadly i didn't have one with me because, like Ben, i thought that it would be inappropriate. Still there will be lots mor chances i'm sure. I urge you all to go out and read his books. At least one but preferably "An African Diary" as the money from the sales goes to charity. Now go and read!

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