Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mish!

Well yesterday was Mish's birthday and well, the man never goes out. So we decided on sunday that we would go out last night but that all changed because Scotty had football. So we ordered in from the Bite Centre and Kwan went over to Bells to get some Jack Daniels. We decided to have a bit of a Bridget Jones Marathon as Mish had never seen either film. Scotty came back and joined us in my room. However things didn't go wuite according to plan. Basically Mish drank the whole bottle of JD to himself and now my room stinks of it. But the funniest thing is that Mish has never been drunk before and last night was excellent. Drunk Mish is so funny and relaxed and chatty and just wonderful really. Apart from calling me a lesbian and saying that he loved Kwan. We even got him to admit his love for George Michael being more than just about the music. All in all a very good night.

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