Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why the shower?

Well you may not know that we have a massive shower here. That's because our rooms are meant for diasbled students. It's very complicated how it all worked out but hey we are complicated people. Anyway so our shower is basically like a wet room rather than a shower cubical, with seats and everything (comments have been made by Ben, James and verious other males as to what you could get up to in there). So i was having a shower this afternoon, reached down to get my shampoo and kind of fell into the chair thing. Tried to stand up only to realise that my knee wouldn't work. So i basically had to crawl out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel because it hurt so much. Only i couldn't because my towel was still on my bed. You can imagine the look i got from Kat when she came back from hockey with friends. I never knew you could blush all over your body...

Now i am sat here with my knee strapped up (i knew that first aid course would come in handy) so i guess i won't be going to badminton with Ed tonight then.

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