Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh yeah I forgot to mention earlier...

...Someone tried to break into our flat last night. I went into the kitchen at about 12 to make sure that the window was closed because we have to leave it open when cooking. So i go into the kitchen to find the curtain poll hanging across the window and the curtains are drawn (we never normally draw our curtains.) Go to check the window and find that it's wide open with the handle missing! Knock on the boys door to be confronted by Mish in his rather interesting pj's and Scott in is boxers. Told them about it and Mish says that he had closed the window previously. The penny suddenly drops, we go and check the kitchen to find Scott's broken glass and a few other bits and pieces out of place. Phoned the Senior Resident, she comes in her rather fetching night time clothing and says she'll tell the caretaker. Anyway we go back to our rooms, i lock my door and then Scott text's me asking if i've got my tv on or if i'm talking to myself. I reply saying no. Next thin i know, i'm sleeping on the floor in Mish and Scott's room because we're all a bit paranoid. I say sleep, more like we all stayed awake because we were shit scared. Phoned Kat to tell her what had happened because she was staying at Ben's and her main concern was telling the caretaker about our dodgy heating and oven. Great priorities that girl has :P! Scott woke me up at 6:30 because he was of to his school placement and i was blocking the door. Didn't really sleep after that but instead slept during my whole cognitive lecture. I have no recolection of that hour at all. Off to bed now to catch up on some sleep. Night all. *Locks door and gets ready to sleep with iron bar in bed*

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