Sunday, October 09, 2005

Toast sounds fine, think i'll pass on Hudson though

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Went to Durham to meet the Computer society people after all i need my electronic fix once in a while. Tom seems quite nice and he even complmented me on my laptop. Got shown around the various facilities that they have and met the new super server for projects: Toast. Don't ask me the specs because i wasn't told, it's top secret and only available to the exec apparently. Had lunch and we discussed what we thought of the durham network. Well it turns out that everyone there has had problems with duo and various other intranet things. The reason for this we discovered is that we all get routed through the old and decrepid server also known as Hudson. Durham may have money, but it's too tight to upgrade its hardware.

After a few hours, got the free bus back to Stockton and went to Ben's house to play poker. Vast quantitites of alcohol were consumed and we invented new playing styles which were recorded in digital images for prosterity. They will be posted at some point when i find the bloody cable for my camera, i know its around here somewhere!

When we got got back though, there was someone standing in the foyer of our block. we walked through the carpark (not that quietly or soberly) only to find that it was Mishark. He had heard the door buzz, gone to open it, found no one there, then realised that he had left his keys in his room. So he was stuck between the foyer, the ground floor door and the door to our flat and that's where he'd been standing for about an hour. When we rescued him he was extremely creeped out, bless him! Scott went to bed and left me and Kat in the kitchen and i said something so incredibly stupid, i hope she didn't remember it this morning.

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