Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fresher's Flu

Yep you read it right, your lovely host has a very bad case of freshers flu. So bad in fact that i haven't left my room for a couple of days because I feel so bad. I've almost finished a whole bottle of Beechams All In One, which is slightly worrying. I think i might have od'd slightly as I've been taking lempsip capsules as well, must check to see if they have paracetamol in them as well.

However had to go to matriculation today in Durham cathedral. What a waste of bloody time that was. Had to be at the campus for 8:30 and trapsed around the holiday building so they could take a photo of the college together. Then when we got back to the front where the busses were waiting we saw 10 coaches (i'm not joking) to collect us and take us to Durham. Now bare in mind that ther were only 250 of us and each coach can carry 50 people. Logic would presume that they would spread everyone out over the coaches, but no. We were herded like the cattle we are onto a coach until it was full. Sat next to Kat which was cool but felt sorry for Scott as he had to sit next to some random stranger. Of course our coach ahd to be the one that someone spewed on. Which then set a chain reaction off of people wanting to hurl.

Upon arriving at Durham we had to process in gowns to the cathedral up the backstreets filled with cobbles: NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear heels when you know you're going to be walking on cobbled streets. It's not fun and it's not clever. Scott and I lost Kat, Mishark and Yung and had to kind of stand in a crowd of people that were all mature(er) students. Got in the cathedral and got separated from Scott, so i was sitting at the end of a row on my own next to some guy who's doing medicine. We were the first college there. The others arrived: St John's, Hilde and Bede, Collingwood and Hatfield. Have to say that we looked quite smart compared to the other colleges without gowns. Sat through a really long and boring service and tried not to fall asleep. Then when it ended i thought that i would be one of the first out because i was sitting at the back, but the powers that be decided that we would get let out last. Found Scott then got dragged through a banner procession by the reps. Felt proud to be a member of John Snow College at that moment. Found Jung and Mishark, then we decided to skive off and go home on the free bus instead of visiting the freshers fair there and the sports fair. Waited for ages, got home to find Kat had come home with Ben earlier than us!

Now i'm sitting in my room, tidying, deciding not to go out tonight because lectures start tomorrow and i have to be rational about these things. I can't mess up this time around!

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