Monday, October 03, 2005

"We know what you're doing..."

If you were in the carpark of the peterbrough extra service station on friday morning, the above phrase sounded out over towards the motel. That's because there was a guy standing around, making himself look presentable for his "lover".

In case you can't tell i'm writing to you from my room in Stockton. Just got back from campus after running around trying to find my registration documents because i had changed college. Turns out that the internal mail system here is useless and i had to go to the international students office to get my forms. Go figure.

Having a lot of fun i must admit, went to the Rocket last night and got taught the college song:

"If i had the wings of a sparrow,
If i had the arse of a cow,
I'd fly
right over to Stevenson,
And shit on the bastards below."

There is more to it but its surprising what you forget when its being taught to you by a naked cowboy...

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