Friday, October 07, 2005

"It's for foundation pride"

Last night we decided as a flat to go to The Rocket for karaoke. Scott got a bit overenthusiastic trying to get me to sing, insisting to everybody that asked, that i was going to sing a number from Grease or something Alanis. However when we got there, there weren't enough people to do karaoke because most people had gone to Middlesbrough on the inter-college night. So we all decided to play pool. Mishark went home with Kwan because he didn't feel well, which left Scott, Kat and myself. Soon enough Ben came along and we got a game going. I lost terribly, which isn't normal but i blame it on the fact that i'm slightly under the weather. Anyway the beer was flowing and we were the only ones in the pool room, but before long a group of foundation students came along and wanted to play us. It's quite safe to say that we beat them, quite comfortably. Which was surprising, seeing as i potted the most balls for our team while some guy (Andy?) kept saying "I'll be the best shag you'll have at uni" I'm very happy to add that Ben and Scott were trying to shield me from his advances. Just as we had run out of change, Ben's friend Emile turned up in his very nice Mercedes, and gave us a lift home, which took all of 30 seconds. It's such a nice car that we just sat in it talking till about 1am. Then we went inside, watched some of season 1 of the office and eventually went to bed at about 3.

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