Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shopping and Men

Today i have no lectures because....well it's not my groups turn. Anyway decided to go into town with Scott and Kwan. Scotty just found out that he's in the Snow football team so he needed to get some new shorts and socks to match the team colours. So i took him to all-sports which was the closest one to us, thinking you know just pick up a pair of shorts in the right size some white socks and thats about it.

Boy was i wrong.

We spent half an hour in there because Mr Biggs couldn't decide which white shorts to get. They were both addidas ones, only difference was the stripe colour: black or blue. And to be frank, i couldn't tell the difference. Then there came the socks. I couldn't be bothered to wait around so i just grabbed him a pair and told him to buy them. I thought guys were supposed to be good at shopping? I on the other hand went into boots, found the lemsip capsules and paid for them. Simple as.

We're ordering food from the bite centre tonight (mmmm parmo....) the guys are just to lazy to cook.

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