Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ohh look at the firemen!

Well we've just had an intersting 20 minutes. Kat went to get her washing from the laundry room (well it was Ben's duvet actually). She came back about 30 second later saying there was a really loud alarm coming from the reception area. Then we noticed that there were lots of people standing outside. So we grabbed the guys and went outside to see this:

I apologise for lack of focus but i didn't have time to set things up properly! It turns out that someone was cooking a roast chicken in Richardson and had let it burn, left the kitchen door open and instead of the pre-alarm being tripped like our one does all the time, it had just set off the corridor alarm. The whole building had to be evacuated and 2 of the 4 fire engines that Stockton has, arrived in double quick time.

After our long fire safety talk, you'd think they would have learnt by now.

And it's exactly 2 weeks since we moved in, figures i guess.

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