Monday, October 24, 2005

Never Again

Last night Kat, Clare and I went to Ben's house to play poker with him, Suzanne, James, James, Gareth and Max. I have to say it was an extremely interesting night. Large amounts of alcoholic beverages were consumed and now my bag smells of Strongbow thanks to a jog through the park at 10pm, which got some interesting looks from Nat and Bryan when getting my stuff out for lectures today. I'M NOT AN ALCOHOLIC! I must admit that I did drink quite a bit (only because Suze kept topping up my glass when I wasn't in the room). And...I actually made profit last night for once, a whole £1.08p! However I do feel bad because I didn't invite Ed to come along. He wanted to play a big game of poker this weekend but I felt awkward as I don't know James etc that well and Kat and Clare don't know Ed that well so it would be a bit awkward for everyone involved. Maybe next time though.

The plan for tonight is to do some reading, then go to bed as I'm extremely sleep deprived. As for tomorrow I have to run out of the research class to get the bus to Durham to go to the Comp Soc social which I've been invited to. Should prove interesting as they don't usually ask Stockton students to join, but I'm special! (it may have somethign to do with my Mac Mini)

I've realised that I miss having a car. Especially since Shaun has a brand new car that I want a ride in!

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