Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well as you can tell it's realatively early/late at the moment and i'm still awake. This is due to the fact that we (me, Kat, Ben, Emile and Clare) got a bit drunk playing poker and then Circle of Death. However things then kicked off between Kat and Ben for reasons that i will not go into but lets just say that they've been shouting at each other by the stairs for about 2 hours and i can't really sleep for that reason. They're both upset and very wasted (well they were) and i just want to make sure that they are ok. Clare left about 45 mins ago with Emile who will have to sleep on her floor tonight as he's drunk a little too much to drive home. I just hope they sort everything out. I will post later today about the meeting with Mr Bryson, i'm too tired to create a witty and amusing entrylike the great man deserves.

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