Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm not a Desperate Housewife!

Well it was inevitable really, Mish bought Desperate Housewives on dvd with his birthday money, only because of Eva Longoria though. So last night we sat there watching the first disc, before Scott had to sleep due to getting up at 6 today to go to his school placement. Mish convinced me to trat myself yesterday as well so now i have the rocky horror picture show double disc dvd, team america, the nightmare before chritams and INCUBUS: ALIVE AT RED ROCKS! I have been wanting to get that for ages because it's Brandon Boyd but also because it has the wonderful song Pantomime on the cd that comes with it. Which is just the most amazing song ever. *swoon*

On to other news, Shaun has flu the poor thing and is tucked up in bed in Richmond he assures me. And i'm going to Cambridge this weekend to see Elyse (YAY!) which i am very excited about! Even though my train is at 8am on Saturday. Which means i will probably have to be up at around 6 just to make sure that i get the right train and that i have everything packed. I still have to take some reading with me to do which i'm sure can be doen on the 3 trains i have to get. Scott said i should stay a bit longer in Perterborough because it's such a nice place. Only he would say that because he's from there.

We keep winding Mish up over what he did on Monday night, it's proving quite fun.

I'm off to a cognitive lecture now, fun!

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At Friday, November 04, 2005 7:45:00 pm, Anonymous Bozz said...

Hey Emma!

Great blog, I've finally found it!

I hope you have a good weekend down in Cambridge, but argh!: I'm addicted to that little ball game now!!


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