Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well last night Nat and I went to the Mixology Cocktail society meeting. It was quite good as we learnt how to make a baileys fizz, mojito and a mango margarita. As we were the closest to the shots table, we ended up having double shots compared to everyone else. We loved it so much that on the way back from the rocket, we bought a bottle of baileys and made some baileys fizz for Kat and ourselves. I'm now a cocktail genius so if you wnat any, Fairbridge is the place it's at!

On a different note, Kat and Ben are sorting themselves out, i just wish Mish would as well. I got rahter stressed at him on tuesday as i thought he was talking about what happened on monday (the whole lack of clothes thing) but apparently he wasn't. He's pissing everybody off but we don't know why. Personally i think (and this has just come to me as i type) that we are all a bit stressed and depressed and we're attributing our anger and frustration on him as a situational causal factor. See psychology does come in useful...

Also i've unleashed a monster by introducing Scott to the swallow song. It's now his ring tone and he plays it just as often as Mish plays Toni Braxton.

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