Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Oh What A Night..."

"Late December back in '63"

Sorry i couldn't resist! Last night we went to Walkabout, Flares and Hush in 'Boro (see i'm picking up the lingo). Had a very nice time out with the Backhouse Crew.

Vicki, Me and Sarah in Flirt

Pete and Mike in Hush

Mike wrapping up Liz in a curtain at Hush

Kat has gone to a hockey social in Durham dresssed in her full kit, including gumshield and shin pads. She definitely got some looks on the way to college dining, but i saw loads of the guys on the way back dressed the same so she didn't have to wait around like an idiot for too long.

Ball plans are in full swing and i'm getting my dress sent up here. Just need a date now and everything would be perfect! Fat chance of that i think.

We're just sitting around waiting for the guys to be ready so we can go to Dubliners for karaoke! But i'm not going to sing, my throat really hurts and i just want to go to bed. I'm really tired and i just need to sleep.

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