Sunday, November 13, 2005

What a weekend!

Well that's a slight exaggeration! Friday night we went to Pimp for a drink then came back and watched more DH (desperate houswives). Mish is obsessed with that program! Then saturday i did work, then went to the CompSoc social with Tom. We talked about random stuff especially the problems that happened on Thursday. In case you don't know the network went down in Durham which then went on to affect the Stockton branch of the network. Anyway after that we chatted about random crap and it was duly noted that we were all going to the assasins night next week! Got off the bus in good old Stockton to find about a million messages asking me to go to the rocket. Went there, met up with Scott, Mish, Ryan and Kwan. Played some pool, had a few more drinks then went to sit with the backhouse gang. Danced a bit with Vicki, even got up on the stage and then went home after some girl had an asthma attack. Did some work today and that's about it for my weekend.

Just had a amassive cleaning spree around the flat with Scott. He's tucked up in bed now because like me he has to be up at 9 tomorrow. Kat comes back at 12 tomorrow, been a bit weird without her.

Better get back to the methods report i guess!

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