Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today's The Day!

Well my peeps, it's that time of the fortnight again: i have the day off.

"What are you doing today Emma?" is a question you might ask me.

Well the answer is sod all!

Actually that's a lie. It's currently 2:15pm here by my laptop and i''ve only just got around to putting clothes on after a shower a couple of hours ago. But during that time i have:

  • Planned an assignment
  • Eaten a bannana
  • Spoken to Tom about the possible upgrade of Toast
  • Taken part in some Phd research
  • Been invited to lunch by my tutor
  • Rearranged my desk
  • Downloaded last weeks Chris Moyles podcast
  • Taken my phone apart to try and reset it
  • Tried to justify the need for my dad to bring up my old box from home so i can have some linux loving once again
  • Made some cous cous

I think it is also rather strange that i have not seen anyone from the flat today. I think i heard Mish come back from lectures but can't really be sure. Kat stayed at Ben's last night so i haven't seen her. And Biggsy should be back from campus soon, so we can make our trip into town. I need to get some envelopes.

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