Friday, November 18, 2005

"Don't go breaking my heart"

Just got back from a rather enjoyable trip to Dubliners for karaoke. Mish left early being the miserable person he is. Kwan persuaded me (more like put my name down without my knowledge) to sing "Don't go breaking my heart" by Elton and Kiki with him. And i have to say it doesn't sound that bad on Scott's phone. Next up was Mr Biggs himself with Dr Dias singing "She's the one" which got a standing ovation from a couple of rather drunk women at the back. Then Emma B sang a Celine Dion track that was excellent, quickly followed by me and Kwan with the now comical "Under Pressure". Kwan can actually hit the Freddy high notes, which Ryan pointed out was probably acheived by having his hand in his pocket at the crucial parts. The evening was finished off by Scott and Ryan singing (or shouting depending on which of them you were listening to) "Unchained Melody". I'm now off to bed as i'm tired, smell of smoke and i can't stop coughing. Kat's staying at Ben's so i have the flat to myself pratically. Goodnight Everybody!

"Goodnight Dr Nick!"

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