Saturday, January 28, 2006

And the winner is...

Chantelle. She won Celebrity Big Brother, yet she is not a celebrity. Am I the only one who is confused by this. She really annoyed me in the house due to her pure stupidness but then again she wasn't really that bad. Guess I was just jealous about her relationship with Preston...

Much controversy has been caused by my opinions of the housemates. Personally I liked Pete even though his appearance was slightly "freaky". He wasn't ashamed of being outrageous or different from the norm and he was willing to voice his opinion on any topic. Also he played his fellow contestants off against each other and they never realised that he was trying to get a rise out of them. Yes he may have been "mean" to Jodie, but he did apologise and she was frankly more than a bit unstable if she associated his comments to being bullied at school. And he was right about Michael: he has been through a lot and needed this experience to boost his confidence. On the subject of Michael, he was definitely unstable which would account for his mood swings, but I think that the whole thing was a healing experience for him and I respect him a lot more. I think the general consensus was that George was a total idiot, well he was just expressing an opinion but I have to agree he was an idiot. I'm glad Maggot came in the top 3, he was an honest guy throughout, a bit of a peacemaker and he came across really well. Hopefully it's now managed to dispel all those myths about the Welsh. None of the other housemates are really worth mentioning, apart from of course Preston.

The Ordinary Boy frontman was probably the best person in the house, apart from the flirting with Chantelle (he came down in my estimation then). Apart from being quite cute (come on everyone agrees with me, even Vicki!) he is a nice guy who made friends with everyone and was just there to play the game. With having him in the house, it's given me a chance to educate the people of Stockton as to the wonder that is The Ordinary Boys, as I can say that yes I have both of their albums which have been listened to many a time prior to the whole BB thing. Just this morning I had to inform Mish that they aren't just Ska, but that Brassbound has Ska influences. See I'm able to impart knowledge on my flatmates. Shame I can't get hold of the special edition version of Brassbound (I had it as a ripped copy) for love nor money. I have it on order with Play, and have done for about a month now, and yet it still is out of stock. Me thinks Preston will be a slightly richer man now he's exposed his music to the nation.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this series of BB and now my television viewing is going to be thoroughly disrupted now that I don't have anything to do on a Friday night. Guess more trips to 'spoons are in order.

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