Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's Thursday...

...And you all know what that means: Karaoke at Dubiners. Which would be fun, except I'm "not allowed" to sing. Well if i do, i lose a bet that is very important to me, and i wouldn't want that to happen. It's even made slightly more frustrating by the fact that i had an influx of CD's delivered today:

  • The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth
  • Arcade Fire: Funeral
  • Editors: The Back Room

So i now can add music to my itunes that i bought myself with my own money. Yes that's right, i actually buy music from time to time. Now all I'm waiting for is my special edition version of the Maximo Park album and my collection is somewhere near to completion. I need more music! So if you're ever stuck on what to buy me for a present, ask me for my Amazon wishlist, which i may just post a link to, and you can buy me anything out of the 200 odd items and i will be very very happy.

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