Monday, January 16, 2006

"I want my flu back!"

Well after being kicked out of my room yesterday by the huge numbers of bio-med students that decided to descend on Room 001, Fairbridge, I spent a bit of time talking to Scott and Ryan, sat in the kitchen but was too tempted to eat everything in my cupboard, sat in the hall and then when Mish arrived, my job as unofficial computer tech was called into being once more. I had to help Mish with his laptop, then his psp and finally I got a call from Foxey and Nat to ask me to help with laptops and msn and various other problems. After getting over to Backhouse, we decided that it would be ok for me to stay a while as a friend, not just as a useful tool, and decided to watch a couple of DVD's.

The first to be consumed was The Ninth Gate staring Johnny Depp. Twas an interesting production, and while I could guess what was going to happen next (and tried very hard not to make my knowledge public), the ending didn't leave me satisfied. Was Green Eyes really the devil? Or was she just trying to get Depp to go to hell? Was Depp really Lucifer? Finally, why did she have to have rather strange sex with him outside a burning building?

By this time it was about midnight, but when has that ever stopped us? So it was then time for some light entertainment in the form of Lee Evans. I don't normally find him funny but this time I was laughing so much I ended up crying and not being able to breathe, which is never a good combination. After almost falling asleep towards the end, it was decided that perhaps we should stop and head to bed. Cue much shock and horror to find that at 3am on a Sunday night, when many people don't have lectures on Monday morning, the rest of Backhouse were asleep! Creeping back to Fairbridge in the rain was...Fun and I did admit to feeling slightly guilty that I woke Kat up, but then again she did bang around this morning at 9 when I just wanted to sleep, so I guess she got her own back.

You can definitely tell that we're back at uni again: after falling back to sleep, the cleaners came and hoovered in the hall, and then Paul the caretaker came into his office and started joking with the rest of the cleaners which meant that it was definitely time to get up. The plan for the day is to: finish unpacking, go to developmental lecture and then sit in the library for an hour or so attempting the essay from hell. I think Home Bargins may be out of the question already as Mr Biggs went there on Saturday after arriving at 11am on the train while his parents and sister brought all his stuff in the car. When you do things like that, you expect to get charged £67 don't you?

Have a great day everybody!

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