Wednesday, January 11, 2006

3 Days to go!

Well there are 3 days to go till I'm officially a Stockham student again. Yesterday was spent with Elyse and Bozz in chilly Southend. Even though Elyse moaned at everyone to wear a proper coat and wrap up warm, she suffered from the cold the most seconded by Bozz whereas I, wearing only a coat over my favorite t-shirt, was actually quite warm! Hot doughnuts and coffee were consumed and the delights of Grays and Southend were presented in all their glory.

Now work has to be done before the much anticipated chill out evening tonight, and i really can't get motivated to do it. If i just write some notes and plan my essay, do you think that will be enough to just let me write it tomorrow? I really don't want the holiday to end, I'm having so much fun at home (and it's not with the parental units).

I also think there must be something wrong with me: I'm obsessed with Shakira's new single. For some reason i sat there transfixed by TMF this morning and finding myself going "this is a really good song". Please kill me now.

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