Thursday, January 05, 2006

Un-productive Day

It's already proved to be an un-productive day. After being woken at 7 by the joy that is my aunt, I have done precisely nothing. Well I say nothing, I have had a shower (within the last 30 minutes though) and played with my new digital camera. Cue a very trigger happy Emma with new photos of Pebbles. Those of you that have been in my room at uni will realise that the only photo I have on display is of my cat, the sad child that I am. So be prepared people for many unflattering photos to be taken of you all.

I'm currently half listening to the TMF countdown of the most downloaded songs of 2005, and one thing is puzzling me slightly: How can the Sugababes with 'Push the Button' be in the top 10? And I'd never realised before just how dirty the video for that song is...

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to someone for maybe giving away one too many details to another person in my enthusiastic (and also sleep deprived) state. I'm sorry.

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