Saturday, December 31, 2005


For some reason I can't get the song "Helicopter" by Bloc Party out of my head. I just keep randomly singing lines from it and it's driving me up the wall, never mind anyone else.

Well the New Years Eve bug is upon us once again and I find myself caught up in the middle of some very complicated plans. I could go out with Maria and her 1980's inspired fancy dress group, or go to a gathering of Dartford people or go to Elyse's house if she is not coming out or stay at home with the units. What's a girl to do?

I never did get round to dying my hair last night although I could have done it at 2 am during the 3 hours that I was attacked by that monster called insomnia. Seriously, I could not sleep early this morning, and I tried everything that usually induces sleep but to no avail. So I'm a grumpy, sleepy, confused person who wants to just get swept along by the tide of people so she doesn't have to think for herself.

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