Tuesday, December 27, 2005

One way ticket to hell and back!

Well that's another festive season over and done with. No arguments, no fights, just good old family festive fun which culminated in a somewhat quiet Christmas day and boxing day. A vast majority of my presents from various people, including the parental units', are still in the post, winging their way to me as I type. Still I think people honed in on the cocktail society thing a bit too much and I now have in my possession a full cocktail set including shaker, glasses and tray and an electronic drinks measure with cocktail recipes in its software. I'm not an alcoholic, honest!

From the unit's I did receive 2 Bill Bryson books that I didn't seem to have, which will probably be finished in a couple of days and also the new Darkness album. The album kind of disappointed me slightly: while being very very good musically, about half the songs focus on a guy breaking up with his girlfriend and then realising it was the biggest mistake of his life which was a bit limiting on a an album that only contains 10 songs. Also I know that they had Queen's producer working on it, but come on, does the opening to most of the songs have to give me that annoying feeling of "Which Queen song has that riff in it?" Despite all that it is a work of genius and only the Hawkin's brothers and there accomplices could pull it off. "Hazel Eyes" has me in stitches every time I hear it due to the comic factor that is Justin's fake Scottish accent!

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