Thursday, December 22, 2005


Well regression didn't really work yesterday and i've found myself today standing in the bath cleaning mould off of the windows. If you've ver been in my bathroom at home you'll know that there are 2 tiny windows and no other form of ventilation in there, so it's constantly damp. And it appears that the parental units have waited till i've got back to clean it so that

  • Parental unit XY can punish me for leaving him with Parental unit XX
  • Parental unit XX can punish me for leaving her with Parental unit XY
The rest of the bathroom is scrubbed, so is the kitchen and the oven. Looks like we're all ready for Christmas...

A last minute dash was needed to the heaven of food lovers everywhere: Marks and Spencer this morning for Stollen Cake and cream, and i was surprised at the lack of people in Lakeside. Sainsbury's was a different matter with lots of pushing and shoving going on. I think we may have been the only people who weren't shopping for Christmas food!

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