Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Civil Unions and Live 8

Well today is the first day that "marriages" between homosexual couples can take place, and i have to say : what took the government so long! Persoanlly i see nothing wrong in the joining of 2 people who love each other and want to officially show it. Isn't that what heterosexual couples do when they get married, so what's the difference? Congratulations to Elton and David and also to Julie and Steph who have now decided that they too want to get married! Hopefully i'll be around for the wedding!

On a different note, i watched the documentry that was on BBC 1 last night about Live 8 and how they put it together. I liked the way they showed you how Bob Geldof wasn't on board with teh whole idea until Bono told him about his vision for the opening act. However Bono annoys me sometimes with his whole "I'm an Irish rock star and i'm so great that i've met the pope and i'm trying to free the world of poverty." I tell a lie, i've hated him since he took Justin Hawkins' line in tne Band Aid 20 song, because i'm petty like that.

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