Thursday, December 15, 2005

Honey, I'm Home!

Well i'm back in wonderful Essex *groan* and feeling very tired. Last night i went to 'Spoons with Clare and we had a few drinks and a nice chat. Ended up moaning at Ben due to the fact that he and Emile bought the last of the Koppaberg so i had to have Thatcher's Perry instead which, while being a stronger alcoholic concentration that Koppaberg, tastes different and not the same and not as nice! Instead settled for Morgan's spice and Coke which was an interesting combination with shots of black aftershock. What can i say, we were having an experimental evening.

After that i packed and fell asleep after dancing around my room for a bit. Dad came to pick me up today and we loaded everything and came back. Now i think i'm going to bed, i'm very tired and need my rest!

ETA: Guess who i saw on the way back? Well at Blythe services i saw my "friend" Kit from Hatfield college. We were both standing in the queue at Burgle King (i was there for my dad, processed "food" doesn't appeal to me) and she saw that i was wearing my Durham hoodie and said "Oh so you're at Durham too then?" and when i turned round i saw it was Kitty! We had a good old chat which culminated in my dad coming in and going "where the hell is my food?" where upon he profusely apologised to Kitty seeing that she was a fellow Durham student.

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