Monday, December 12, 2005

Back from Narnia

I've just got back from watching The Chronicle's of Narnia, which i went to see to cheer myself up. Ended up sitting right in the middle of the cinema, i was very pleased with myself. The CGI is fantastic although i think that the matrix style fight scenes are a bit annoying. Plus don't go with people who haven't read the book as you can't help but spoil bits for them without meaning to. Going to sleep now, my head is spinning and it won't calm down.

ETA: at the request of Bryan i have been asked to include a bit more detail as to the exact goings on on this eventful evening out.

Nat, Vicki, Rory and I went to see Narnia while Bryan, Tulip (not her real name) and Mike went to see Flightplan. Their film finished early and they decided to join us. Mike had his phone out and Bryan was sitting at the back cringing at Tulip's drunken antics. Then when we got back to the flat it was discovered that Mike and Bryan had found a big fat pizza in the bin outside the cinema and had decided to bring it back with them and eat it. I left them to their sperm covered pizza and went home, only to be woken up by a fire alarm going off in Backhouse. Apparently Liz and Tulip were trying to smoke Paul out of his room to get some cigarettes and consequently set the fire alarm off with a cigarette that they already had.

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