Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Snowball

Well last night was the John Snow College Winter Ball. And it was quite eventful. We got to Redworth Hall at about 8 and had to stand around for an hour with just a glass of wine to keep us happy. Went into the main hall to have dinner and immediately devoured the bread rolls on our table because lets face it, we were starving! Soon afterwards starters arrived: Cheese and Tomato Tarlets with a herb dressing, which lasted not much longer than the rolls. Plates were whisked away and main course was served: chicken with sundried tomatoes and veg. By this point i had already had 3 glasses of wine and was gradually having my glass refilled by the people who weren't too keen on wine. The half the table diappeared due to the fact that we had rooms in the hotel too. So that meant that there were 11 deserts shared amongst 4 people. And 2 lots of white chocolate parfait goes down quite well wine a full bottle of red wine.

After the meal we had the Joscar's since the theme for the evening was the Oscars. We had awards for persons most likely to steal the ball chair's job, best member of the jcr exec, best dancer and of course best house for parties. The final award went to 17 Yarm Lane, which was interesting because only one member of the said house is in John Snow college. Anyhow, the band was good, we had good music, met some nice people, had more wine, did a little dancing etc. I had a chat to David, jcr president, about the free positions in the jcr exec, and he suggested that i went for the position of welfare officer or treasurer next year. I was not happy with that suggestion! I ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine and some archers and lemonade which caused a slight hangover today. The most fun came on the coach back...

The ball committee decided to hire these really tall Oscar statues at £200 each to add to the theme. And the people from 17 yarm lane decided that they wanted toa ke one home with them. Lauren the ball chair caught them the first time they took one. But them about 15 minutes later they came onto our coach with it again. It took up the entire aisle and i ended up sitting next to sideshow bob (*grin*) on the way home, where i commented on his wondrful hair. They ended up getting it all the way back to college where upon getting it off of the coach, we were confronted with Lauren in her car demanding that they take it back. I don't know if they did or not...

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