Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Emma Is Not Very Happy Today

This morning i was looking forward to just sleeping so i would be refreshed enough to finish my mental rotation lab report. However the fire alarm started going off in reception at about 10 am which woke me up, but i managed to start dozing again when it was turned off. Next thing i know, our actual flat alarm was going off. Cue me jumping out of bed, grabbing my hoodie and boots and banging on Mish's door. He had been in bed as well but managed to actually get dressed in about 5 seconds. We made out way outside to find that it was a drill to see how fast we could get out of our building. So there i am standing outside for no apparent reason with the rest of Fairbridge, but the only one on my red pj's, walking boots and durham hoodie with my hair a total mess and looking, in the words of Stu from upstairs, "Like death!" Therefore i am not a happy Emma today as i am grumpy and groggy and cold and i can't be bothered to do any work so am sat here listening to The Futureheads.

And i only have 3 glasses left out of the 8 that i brought with me this year.


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