Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shagadelic Baby!

Last night was the shagadelic theme night at the rocket in aid of SHAG week. Which in case you were wondering, does not encourage you to go out and have lots of sex, rather scare you out of it! Yesterday was spent trawling Middlesborough trying to find something remotely linked to the 70's as the theme dictated. But i always thought that shagadelic was the 60's really? Anywho, after being unsucessful in the ccostume department, it was a good thing really as there were 2 people who dressed up (apart from the condom fairies) and i think they felt a bit stupid.

The cheerleading squad were there celebrating a win in addition to the Queen's rugby team who beat Newcastle:

"FLASH........ AAAAHHHHH....."

We left at about 1 due to the naked cowboy dancing around on the stage in front of me and really creeping me out. Then Clementine collapsed in the middle of everyone and a few of the rugby guys had to carry her out. She has to be careful, she could get chucked off her course if she gets admitted to hospital with alcohol related problems. Oh the joy of being a medic.

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