Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Too Little, Too Late

Had a bit of a crap day today, i'm cold, grumpy because Mish woke me up this morning for a stupid reason and I can't be bothered to do this stupid essay in for tomorrow!

Came home from campus to find that we have a new oven. Well it's sitting on the kitchen floor still waiting to be installed. Only problem is that since the big clean, the oven has been fine! Which makes us feel a bit guilty!

It's freezing here! I'm wearing about 7 layers and have my duvet wrapped round me and i'm still cold. And it's supposed to get worse. I think that we may have to start huddling together at night to keep warm!

We're going to mixology tonight, got Clare and Kat involved so it should be fun! The rest are going to Hush afterwards tonight but me and Nat are going to have a Rocky Horror evening. I'm really getting geared up to go and see it live next year! Need to start thinking about a costume...

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