Sunday, November 27, 2005

There's Fire in a GOBLET?!?!

On Friday night i hitched a lift with Chris the Medic and Clare to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now i am one of those people who only read the books when they come out in paperback and i can find them in the bargin bin for about £3.99 and then take them on holiday with me and read in about a day. Once the films come out, i also wait until they are on dvd before even remotely considering watching them. That is how much of a Harry Potter "fan" i am. So this was a new experience for me.

I did not expect to have to stand for 15 minutes in the dark of the cinema trying to find a seat that was not in the front row. I also did not expect to have lots of kids talking all the way through. Finally i did not expect to actually enjoy myself. There were a few bits where i sat there going "What on earth were they thinking?" and also Clare and I made jokes about the bath scene with Harry and Moaning Myrtle which Chris found hilarious and was almost choking.

But i guess i'm getting old because it didn't enthuse me at all to all of a sudden go and buy book 6 or to write a letter trying to make them make the next film a little quicker. All that childhood magic and wonder is lost on me. I live a sad existance.

ETA: Pear cider is very nice

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Clare, is that you?


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