Monday, November 28, 2005


Well of sorts... and apart from being the name of my college...

All day we have had a blizzard outside, but there is nothing to show for mother nature's efforts. It appears that the rest of the country has had snow apart from the little area of county durham/cleveland that i currently reside in. It's just not fair.

Been into town twice today: once with Nat to exchange clothes and the second time with Scott to get 2 new games for his xbox. Still haven't managed to convince him to let me mod it for him. Oh well guess i can find something else to keep me occupied.

Had a lecture on housing for next year: basically go with the uni recommended properties and you shall be fine. Now comes the task of deciding who to live with: Kat and Clare want to live with me and i want to live with them, and Nat. But Kat doesn't like Nat. And Nat would have no one else to live with. Oh well i'm sure things will sort themselves out...

A special mention should be made for Steve (Bozzy) as he has managed to work out how to insert images in his blog with no help from me whatsoever. Good on you mr pirate sir!

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