Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last night i went to the Tollgate with the Dartford crew yet again (you guys are great by the way) and Elyse, bless her, was trying in a non-subtle way to matchmake me and a certain young gentleman in a very jokey way. I think she was just really hyper! Anyway i wouldn't be adverse to seeing certain young gentleman on New Year's Eve, maybe around midnight? (Just to show Elyse that her joke backfired on her *insert evil plan laugh here*)

Anyway today i am off christmas shopping again to finish what i started yesterday. Had lunch with Shaun yesterday which was interesting, had to repeat 5 times to the waiter that i am allergic to chilli and therefore my food had to be prepared in a separate area (we went to the Thai Pot as usual). No reaction so far so i guess they paid attention after i rammed that fork through his ey...i'm joking, i'm not that violent! Oh and i got to ride briefly in the sex machine ( i will post pictures when i get my camera fixed). The sex machine is Shaun's name for his car and i have to say it is rather nice but too flashy for me.

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