Saturday, December 17, 2005

Great to be home?

Last night i went out with Elyse, Bozz and a few other people. I'd just like to clarify for those that are wondering: Bozz is one of Elyse's friends from college. That is all. Anyway we went to the Tollgate for a drink and then on to the Paper Moon which no one had realised was a Weatherspoons! So i was a happy bunny with my Koppaberg (you seriously have to try it everyone!)

This morning i accompanied the parental units to asda's for christmas food shopping and what a mistake that was. My XY parental unit has a very short temper and when a driving instructor laughed at him...well lets just say things almost got a bit physical in the non-nice way.

I am now off to have mushroom soup and sleep for the afternoon being the boring person i am. Good night.

And i enjoyed myself last night and i also apologise if i came across as being mad etc but the minute amount of alcohol i had really seemed to affect me!

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