Friday, December 30, 2005

Moody? Me?

Today has been a strange day. I spent the morning chatting to Maria about various Christmas things and I was giving my reasons for not wanting to go out in London on New Year's Eve, the one night of the year where everyone wants to go and party.

My plans aren't concrete yet: if Elyse feels up to it then I shall be accompanying her wherever she is (because I'm a sad freak with no friends of my own!) Other than that I may take a trip to MusicTek to their all ages night and hang out with Dave and Fiona, trying to keep the kids in check. Or if not, then I'll be at home enjoying the warm festive glow with the unit's (if XY is talking to me by then).

In addition to my strange mood, I feel that tonight may be the night that I finally get round to dying my hair, don't hold you're breath though...

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