Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

It's the first post of 2006, which sounds like a strange year to me. New Years Eve was interesting to say the least. Firstly, as always, concrete plans were only established at the last minute due to Elyse's will she/won't she predicament over being ill. It was decided that we would in fact go to Andy's house for a little gathering, and promptly spent most of the evening tucked up in a shelter in the garden with a lovely fire. Soon things turned due to the many pyromaniacs present and we were trying to see what makes the biggest flame when put on top of red hot coals. The results of our findings were:

  • marshmallows crisp up on the outside but stay squishy in the middle
  • Fire has no effect on Fosters or Strongbow cans
  • Pringles cause the greatest flames with BBQ flavor being the best
  • Wrappers from Roses chocolates also cause quite a stir
We eventually became smoked out due to Nathan's eagerness to keep us warm on a freezing night. It was just at the right time too, as with only a mere 10 minutes to go till the end of the wor...I mean 2005, we gathered inside to watch "New Year Live" with Natasha Kaplinski. The firework display from the London Eye was good but went on for far to long.

After drinking of the fizzy wine, a fierce battle of boys vs. girls took place over the game of Pictionary with the superior contenders (the girls plus Andy) winning much to the disappointment of one person in particular.

The excitement of the game proved too much for some people, who promptly picked a spot to crash in and well...crashed. Two people were unable to sleep and far too comfortable to actually move and consequently spent the night laughing at the strange and not so strange things that people do in their sleep. This hilarity was halted by Elyse deciding that she "felt a bit grim" and proceeded to run, almost trip over the two people at the door and throw up. This then started a chain reaction of people waking up and coming downstairs at the wrong moment (Andy's Dad). Grumbling was heard from the door area as to the prolification of the laws of Murphy and Sod that morning, which ended in Elyse, Bozz and myself being ferried home by Andy's Mum.

Upon reaching home I promptly fell into bed after attempting to rid myself of Bozz's hiccups, and slept for a good 6 hours or so, before being dragged to Howard's house for a winter party. Good fun was had talking about spontaneous combustion and the prices of slaves in Corringham compared with Grays among other things, before the Parental Unit's decided they had had enough and dragged me home again.

All in all I think that this New Year has proved to be a lot better than last year and let's hope that it continues! May 2006 be filled with happiness for you all!

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