Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Welcome to the IRC

Sitting in the library, you'd expect me to be doing work. Well i have been here since 9am and in 2 hours i have managed to complete most of my assignment. All i have to do now is the Introduction, Results section and Discussion, which are the main bits to it really! My brain feels like it will explode any minute due to all the information on memory that i'm currently rehersing from my long term memory store from way back in college. I'm also getting distracted by someone calling my name, but not directing it at me specifically, and by the people around me talking about rowing and laptops. I have half the psychology section of the library piled around my computer with scrap paper marking pages that i will probably fail to read but will note down in my references section anyway.

I keep thinking that today is wednesday and i don't know why. According to my brain i should be going to stats soon, but no, it is actually tuesday and i should be going to methods (great, more work) at 2pm. I'm also getting stared at by 2 fellow psychology undergraduates who are sitting opposite me and know that i have all the books that they want. I'm attempting to look scary so that they won't bother me for the next few hours.

Last night while i was attempting to not do any work (it's hard to resist that urge!) i managed to expand my music collection by about 3 GB through the wonder that is ourTunes. No wonder my laptop was slow this morning, i don't think it has much memory left, the poor thing.

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