Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Kwankster!

Yesterday was Kwan's 19th birthday and in true Stockton style, we went to Peking Garden for Chinese and then on to the Rocket for drinks. That's the third Saturday running that I've been to Peking Garden, and I must say I've had something different every time, I'm just working my way through the safe foods on the menu. Being all you can eat for £8.99, everyone does normally order quite a bit of food, but no one has ever ordered as much as Ryan. Dr Dias hasn't eaten properly since his return to uni, what with exams, so instead of the typical 2 starters and 2 main dishes that normal people have, the Doctor had 3 starters and 5 main dishes with rice and chips on the side. The surprising thing was that he actually ate it all, although I don't think it agreed with him really as can be seen by this picture:

After the eating was done, the lights were dimmed and a cake mysteriously appeared on our table with the restaurant singing that magical birthday song to Kwan, who was slightly embarrassed at the fact that he was so full and ergo could not eat a single slice of the delicious chocolate cake.

After settling the bill and Mish becoming depressed at the Arsenal result, it was off to the Rocket we go. Much alcohol was consumed after a friendly match of pool between team Kwa-Mish and some other business people, in which the birthday boy and his best mate won quite convincingly, yay!

A few sites were observed last night:

  • Sideshow Bob can no longer have the Sideshow part of his name due to having his dreadlocks cut off, much to the disappointment of Clare and I. Still I got to dance next to him, didn't actually get round to asking him why he had decided to change.
  • The Naked Cowboy from fresher's week, was dressed as an England Rugby player, and was interested to know why I was booing him from time to time. When I explained it was because of the Welsh connections, he decided that wasn't a good enough explanation and walked off.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the variety of music played last night. Usually a Saturday night at the Rocket consists of chart, some oldies and one dance track, but we instead had a little chart, some staples (you should have seen Ryan moshing to Chesney Hawkes and the guitar solo), some rock, bit of indie and then a lot of dance and trance at the end which made for one of the best nights we've had there as everyone was pleased with the selection. I'm still disappointed that we couldn't dance on the stage last night as Kwan wanted to stage dive onto us all, being the birthday boy. Scott left at 1 but not before telling us that he had a groin strain (or he might have been talking about Ryan) and the rest of us left at 2. Then it was back to Rokeby with Shepherds Pie for Ryan (how could he eat anything else after all that Chinese!) and then sleep.

If you want to see more photos then click here.

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