Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well today is the day when nothing much happens, yes it's that time of the fortnight, it's the alternative methods Tuesday! So after a random morning it is time to crack on with the work, which isn't really happening. Now I know that a lot of people are reading this thing now, probably through facebook, so I had better keep it updated. I just wish some of you would comment in a while. Anyway today I leave you with some facts that will happen this coming year:

  • One person in 5 will have less than $1 a day to live on
  • 20 billion rolls of toilet paper will be used
  • 292 billion cans and bottles of Coke will be sold
  • One person in 5 will be Chinese
  • The average Briton will spend more than 400 hours shopping
  • The sea will rise by 2 mm
  • Over 100,000 new book titles will be published in the UK
  • More than 1 million working computers will be thrown away
  • 2.7 trillion insects will be accidently eaten by humans
  • More than 1 billion people will watch the final of the World Cup on the 9th July

Hope you've learnt something today.

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