Sunday, February 05, 2006

More o2 complaints

For the second time this week i find myself heading into town to have my phone reset. That is the 15th time i've had it doen since i've had the phone and to me that is just not on. I've had the phone for 6 months and o2 refuse to give me a replacement. I may have to go again tomorrow as now i can't send text messages or receive them in order. The time is now 9:03 and i've just got a text that was sent at 6 pm. I'm really not that happy with the network, their customer service is diabolical when you actually want them to do something. At the end of my contract i shall be switching to 3 mobile, where i can get a much better contract for only £1 more a month. So if you've been trying to phone or text me today and i haven't responded, it's not my fault!

Now i'm going to sit and watch the Best of Top Gear and then Gangs of New York, no matter what Kat may say...

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