Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Don't stop Moving!"

After making the best chocolate brownies in the world, it was time to go to my first Mixology Meeting of the new year last night. Through this i discovered the very nice and strangely christmassy Scarlet Pimpernel, whcih shall be made for my birthday bash. Yes that's right, Clare persuaded me to have a cocktail party for my birthday, so dress elegently people! Anyway back to last night...

After Coc-Soc it was decided to head to the centre of our current universe: Durham. The 45 minute (free) bus ride proved fairly uneventful with us only being threatened with being chucked off once due to the presence of alcohol in the confinement. On the way it was a tough decision whether to go to Klute (reputedly the worst nightclub in Europe) or Planet of Sound at DSU (Durham Student Union for those of you uninitiated with the acronyms here). In the end, POS (Planet of Sound) won and Clare and I parted ways with Jo, the illustrious president of Coc-Soc. Now I don't think it really is a good idea to wear a top with "Coc-Soc-er" on the back when around students, it poses so many questions with very wrong answers, but that is what happened. I'd nver been to a proper night out in DSU before and I was actually suprised. Not only was there a Cheese room, but Dance/Trance and supposedly an Indie room that remained empty for most of the night.

Much dancing happened, some of which occurred on tables (lets not go there) but something i did notice was that the city people dance differently to us down here. They are more into the whole "Lets stand in a circle and not really do much." Well they were in for a shock with 2 girls from Stockton around! We seemed to be the only ones who cared that DJ Robin (the Cheese King) was playing a large amount of Ska: old No Doubt, Dropkick Murphy's, Madness, The Specials etc. Our dancing attracted much attention: firstly from Ed "Electric" Harris from a Grey College sports team (Rugby i think) who took it upon himself to direct his mad rocker anticks on the stage, at us. Then a group of guys (one of which was called Andy, that much I know) decided to "protect" us due to our small size and it resulted in us being sandwiched between all of them. Actually managed to bump into Mike, Pete and Paul briefly to say "Hey it's another Stocktonite" and then they promptly disappeared into the night to the dance room i think.

As the last bus was approaching, we left early and headed to find a takeaway so I could get some food as I was stupid and had not really eaten all day. Patricks Pizza was happy to help me satisfy my cravings with waht has to be the nicest cheese burger ever as it was freshly cooked for me with loads of salad, just as i like it. Practically teh whole of Stevo and Snow were in there eating. Including Jo who informed me in a drunken state that Klute was actually quite good. I put it down to it's only good if you drink a lot.

The bus eventually turned up late which made everyone panic thinking that we'd missed it due to the delicious pizzas and would therefore be stranded in Durham or faced with a very expensive taxi fare. The crush for the bus was painful to say the least but being small helps in one way and we managed to get a seat with the fear hanging over us that someone nearby would take it upon themselves to empty the contents of their stomach over us...

Luckily the only thing emptied was Olivia's voice after a chanting match happend between Stevo and Snow with some old favorites such as "We hate Snow", "I'm Stevo till I die" and "Sit Down Shut Up" ringing out from the back of the bus by the Stevo crowd including JD, and the mighty Snow just singing "If I had the wings of a sparrow" much louder and with more vigour than anything Stevo could think of.

Eventually the bus arrived at Campus and then it was time for me and Clare to say goodbye to Mike, Pete, Paul, Bina, Jane and any other Snow people and run home due to the coldness. We did however stop momentarily to observe the ice forming on the canals in Toy Town, but this was short lived due to my batteries not working in the camera (it was so pretty too). Much sleep was then had and now today I'm faced with the prospect of doing it all again, though this time at the good old Rocket.

Still it's nice to see that Durham like to pay homage to us in their own small way:

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