Sunday, February 12, 2006

Interesting Experiment

I have discovered that it is possible to enjoy a night at the Rocket without the use of alcohol to numb the pain of actually having nowhere better to go on a Saturday night. However without alcohol, my dancing ability kind of goes downhill as the night wears on due to becoming more than a bit tired.

I do however resent being told by someone who shall be known as "H", to look after Kat because "she's pretty wasted, guys are eyeing her up and after all you are the only one who's sober and you're her room mate." Now it's not my problem that she can't actually walk, but it is my problem when I want to enjoy myself yet am forced every minutes to check where she is. I'm not a heartless or callous bitch but I didn't drink last night for a reason and it showed me that when you're pissed out of your head, you can really embarrass yourself and those around you.

I did end up coming home early and watching the end of the Shawshank redemption with some people, and eventually headed to bed at 3:30, long after Kat. Now I'm the one who's on campus in a lab doing work while a few other people stay in bed with headaches. I think I like this no drinking thing...

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